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LGC system planning
Direct-driven and air-operated systems differ only in speed and delay settings and number of channels required. Our LGCII will handle both types.
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LGCII User's manual (English)
LGC Accessories
Electric retracts, no gear doors and no retractable tail wheel
Air main retracts, gear doors, electric tail wheel retract and cowl flaps
Air retracts tricycle landing gear and 5 gear doors
Example connection diagrams
Corsair with 4 doors, tail wheel retract, cowl flaps and landing lights
Air retracts and 2 gear doors
P-38 with air powered retracts, 5 doors and using Interconnect Modules
DC-3 with electric retracts and landing lights and using Interconnect Modules
Choose your application from the list below (wheels-up switches are optional)
Using landing lights? See our Landing Light Systems.
P51 type (Doors close again after wheels-down)