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LGC Configuration Guide 3
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Airplane with air main retracts, electric tailwheel retract, 4 gear doors and 3 cowl flaps
This example uses both of our LGCs on one receiver channel for two separate functions
You will need:
One each of our Landing Gear Controllers.
Connection Diagram
If you want to add Landing Lights, see our configuration guide on Landing Lights.
LGCII setup:
Operating mode 2 will provide sequential control of up to 3 retract servos and up to 4 door servos. See the LGCII User's Manual for more information on connecting and programming your servos.
LGCI setup:
Operating mode 1 will provide simultaneous and individual control of 3 servos. See the LGCI User's Manual for more information on connecting you servos. The input cable is plugged into channel 8 on the LGCII. This is a pass-through port for the receiver channel and allows the LGCI to switch at a different point.
Switching setpoints:
Set one LGC for 25% and the other to 75%. Use a three-position switch on your transmitter. This will produce the following action on the airplane:
• Switch position 1: Gear down, cowl flaps open
• Switch position 2: (center): Gear down, cowl flaps closed
• Switch position 3: Gear up, cowl flaps closed