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LGCI Landing Gear and General Automation Controller for 3 Servos
The Thomson Automation Digital Landing Gear Controller is an automation controller perfect for use in radio-controlled airplanes and other model vehicles that use standard radio-control servos. It can be used as either a single-acting or double-acting landing gear controller or as a one-step, two-step or three-step general automation controller. Two or more units can be
connected in series or parallel for longer sequences or more channels of control. The double-acting landing gear modes are suitable for use in airplanes such as the P-51 where the gear doors close again after the gear is lowered. A wheels-up switch can be used to initiate the door closing to overcome the problems of uncertain speeds of motion in air-powered systems. An output is available for landing light control. Servo-powered and air-powered motions are accommodated and travel speeds and distances are fully programmable. If you are like us and never have enough servo channels, the Landing Gear Controller is for you.

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Download the English user's manual here
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View a film of the single-door cycle here
View a film of the double-door cycle here
For info on the wheels-up switches, click here
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