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"Remove Before Flight"
Pull-pin Power Switches
Along with looking really cool, our advanced power switch provides backup battery capability in case your system battery fails. Installation is as simple as drilling a hole for the pull-pin switch and plugging in your batteries. Removing the pin attached to the "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" tag turns on the power to your model. The Gas & Glow Power Switch is intended for use with 5-cell NiCd or NiMh systems or 2-cell LiPo systems.
User's Manual
Dual battery power switch for gas and glow systems
Tired of turning on your E-powered model by plugging in your battery? This switch lets you connect everything and turn it on and off later. It easily handles the high current loads required by modern e-power systems. This module has Deans connectors for your battery and ESC connections. Two or more Modules can be connected together for switching multiple batteries from one pull-pin switch.
User's Manual
ESC Switch for electric flight systems