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Navigation Lighting Controller
A controller with three ultra-bright LEDs suitabel for navigation lighting in airplanes, helecopters, boats and other types of models. You can choose from different flashing patterns and rates.
Rotating Beacon Simulator
A controller with two ultra-bright LEDs simulates the look of a rotating light. The light intensity gradually builds up from the off state at a controllable rate and then a more intense flash is generated. After the flash the light builds back down to the off state again at the same rate. The rate of rotation is adjustable.
Glow Plug Controller
A digital driver module for glow plugs in small 2 cycle and four cycle internal combustion engines. It features an automatic adlustable-timed automatic shutoff and an adjustable control channel threshold for idle-glow use in 4-cycle motors.
Flaps Controller
A programmable digital speed controller and reverser that accepts a typical pulse-width type servo position control signal input and passes it through to two servos. Both are speed controlled and one is reversed. The input signal is also passed through for use as a Y harness. The flaps controller is intended for airplanes with two mirror-mounted flap servos and can also be used as a speed controller.
Landing Gear Controller I
A digital controller that accepts a typical pulse-width type servo position control signal as a switching input and has outputs for four three servos in a 1, 2 or 3 step sequence. Speeds and end points of travel are independently adjustable. Special features are double acting door modes for P51-type landing gear, optional wheels-up sensors for positive control and an output for landing lights. The fourth servo output is the input signal passed through for use as a Y harness.
Landing Gear Controller II
This is the same as our Landing Gear Controller I but with 7 channels of servo control. It has all the same features plus a PC interface with software so you can upload, download and store your LGCII setups.
Landing Lights
These landing light systems integrate seamlessly with our landing gear controllers. Just plug them in and you're ready to go.
Wheels-up Switches And Cables
An accessory for the Thomson Automation Landing Gear Controllers, the Switchnd the Adapter Cable consists of magnetically actuated sensors and expansion cables that are used for a wheels-up input to the controller. This is useful in air-operated systems where speed of wheel movement can be affected by wind loading and air supply pressure variations.
Throttle Controller / Servo Balancer
A digital servo controller that accepts a typical pulse-width type servo position control signal input and has outputs for seven independently trimmed servos. There are three trim adjustments for each servo. The center trim affects the entire range of motion. The end trims affect only their end of the servo motion. There is a connection for a remote programming panel. An eighth output is available as an input pass-through for use as a Y harness. The Throttle Controller has a PC interface with software so you can upload, download and store your LGCII setups.
Servo Setup Controller
An invaluable aid in building, setting up servo controls and control surfaces and testing servo functions, the Servo Setup Controller has 8 independent channels of servo control. All servo positions set by you are stored in non-volatile memory for the next time you turn it on.
Remote Control Panel For 1070 Series
This Remote control panel will plug into all our 1070 series controllers. It is a small control panel that can be mounted up to 25 cm away from the main module. It can be further extended with servo extention cables.
Voltage Regulator
A stand-alone 2 Amp BEC When regulated power is needed for servos or other equipement. 5 or 6 volt versions are available..
All the extras for our you might need to complete your model. Includes lighting cables for those who don't want to solder and make their own cables, replacement parts and lots of other things.
A missing link for any builder is a convenient method of connecting wings and other sub-assemblies with a single plug. Our Interconnection Helpers are a perfect accessory for your scale project or large sport airplane. Versions from 3 to 10+4 channels are available for a perfect fit with your project.
Landing Light Power Switch
Use this switch when using our landing lights together with our LGCI or if you are using high-power LEDs from someone else
Pull-pin Switches
There are switches for both fuel and electric systems. Power is turned on by extracting a pin from a special key-switch. Accidentally turning off the power is not possible once the pin is pulled out. A “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” flag is included and is attached to the pin.
Accessories Automation Interconnect Lighting Power Control
High Power DC Light Dimmer
A fully-featured light dimmer with touch controls for use in 12-24 VDC systems. Control inputs are pushbuttons or potentiometer or 0-10 volt analog. The dimmer can use either 12 or 24 volt lamps with a 24 volt input. 12 Volt input requires 12 volt lamps. Maximum output current without forced-air cooling is 20 AMPS.