Thomson Automation
Digital Glow Plug Controller
The Thomson Automation Digital Glow Plug Driver is just what is needed to make starting glow-type engines easier and safer. There is no more need for a loose battery or dangerous wires next to your propeller. Modern glow motor design has moved the mixture adjustment away from the propeller for safety and convenience but attaching the glow plug connector every time you start is still dangerous. The Digital Glow Plug Driver is controlled either by an on-off signal from a switch or by a servo channel and can be set to turn on or off anywhere in the control range with the push of a button. With a parallel connection to the throttle servo channel it can be used to turn the glow plug on at low RPM to prevent motor drop-outs. This is especially useful for 4-cycle motors. A remote LED connection allows an on-off indicator LED to be mounted where you can see it.

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