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Accessories For Controllers
The 1070 remote control panel works for all our 1070 series controllers. This includes our LGCII, Servo Setup Controller and Throttle controller. It is ideal for operating and programming your controller after it is built in and the pushbuttons are no longer accessable.
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Download the user's manual here
Wheels-up Switches
These switch harnesses can be used with both our Landing Gear Controllers. They provide an interlock to keep the doors from trying to close before the wheels are retracted. This is a great way to make your gear cycle insensitive to retract speed variations due to inconsistant air pressure or wind loading on the gear. The adapter cable handels up to 3 switches.
Remote Control Panel
The 1070 serial interface adapter works for all our 1070 and 1099 series controllers. This includes our LGCII. It is for use together with our manager software for each controller. The Serial Adapter connects directly with an existing comm port on your PC. If you do not have a comm port, using our USB serial adapter together with the serial interface will allow you to connect your controller to your PC or laptop. 1 meter cable is included.
Serial Interface
These landing lights use power-LEDs and can be used for scales from 1/15 to 1/3 depending on the vehicle. The outside diameter of the lens is 20mm.One will plug directly into the 1070 series Landing Gear Controller. Two landing lights can be connected to one 1070 controller using the Landing Light Splitter Cable.
High-power Landing Lights
You will need this cable to connect two landing lights to one of our 1070 series Landing Gear Controllers. The cable uses universal servo connectors and can be easily extended using servo extention cables.
Landing Light Splitter Cable
You will need this power switch if you use our High-power Landing Lights together with our LGCI. Our LGCII can be connected directly to the lights using the splitter cable. This switch can also, by special order, be used with other power leds.
Landing Light Power Switch
If you are using a Landing Light Power Switch, you will need a cable to connect to one of our Landing Gear Controllers. The cables use universal servo connectors and can be easily extended using servo extention cables.
Use 1041LLCCBL with the 1041.
Use 1070LLCCBL with the 1070 or 1099.
Landing Light Power Switch Control Cables
User's Manual
User's Manual
Specifications 1041 Cable
Specifications 1070, 1099 Cable
User's Manual RS232 Adapter
If you are using our 1034 1035 or 1037 modules and don't want to make your own LED cables, use one of these. They can be easily extended with servo extention cables. The light-dispersing caps can be used or not as you wish.
LED Cable Assemblies
These switch accessories go with our 1074 Gas & Glow and 2009 ESC power switches.
Power Switch Accessories
Performs the same function as a servo Y-harness. With this one your can connect 3 servos to one receiver channel.
3-Way Splitter Cable
If you do not have a serial port available, you can use this adapter to connect our serial interface to a USB port. Download and install the USB Adapter driver here before plugging in your adapter to a USB port for the first time. 1 meter cable is included.
User's Manual USB Serial Port
USB Serial Adapter